2020 Aug online yoga classes

Hi Yogis,

During the coronavirus lock down, I am continuing my yoga classes using the Zoom app. With the Iyengar insurance the qualified teachers can only teach students they know and have taught before, and who they can see at the time of teaching so they can verbally correct. So no new people please, sorry.

Teaching online offers different challenges and health and safety issues. Whilst focused on the screen in your yoga poses you will need to be aware of hazards around you such as furniture, pets or children.

I will always start the classes 15 minutes early to allow you to chat and settle in with your equipment, you should be in full view both with your arms extended upwards and outwards.So should have enough room to turn your mats forwards or sideways. Make sure I can see you, so no windows behind you and no black clothes with a dark background.

You will take full responsibility of your body, making sure you do not cause yourself injury, so please come out of a pose if you need to. Please ask if you are not sure, you can do this by ‘un-muting’ and talking to me, and then muting yourself again. You can always ask beforehand if you are not sure.

I look forward to seeing you for yoga practise, and welcoming back students who moved away…

Class Times

Classes are as close to previous times as possible:

  • Monday 9:45am welcome. Start @ 10:00am and finish @ 11:15am
  • Wednesday 6:15pm welcome to start @ 6:30pm and finish @ 7:45pm

How to book

Send me your email address and tell me which classes you would like to join via the Contact Me form, email or text. I will send you an invitation by email, which will contain everything you need to join the class via Zoom.

Paying for Classes

The first class is free and thereafter £5 payable by bank transfer and classes are free to anyone is suffering presently from financial hardship. Please contact me for bank details. I am happy for you to pay for a block, like a month in advance but you must let me know before each class if you are coming or not so I can plan the class.

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