Regular Classes

Champneys class

With lock down rules having changed again I am able to offer very limited spaces with social distancing measures. Booking in advance is essential. You will not be admitted to a class unless you have paid in advance. See below for details. For face to face classes you will need to bring your own yoga equipment and download the NHS COVID-19 app for track and trace, or manually sign in at the Great Hall.

I am also still offering online classes. Please see this post for more information about booking online classes.

Yoga Classes

Classes generally start with simple poses and gradually move towards more advanced poses. I am trained to guide you to work through the poses safely so you get maximum benefit for your body. During lockdown ,with government guidance, I will adapt my teaching to suit the current times. There will be no physical adjustments and I will remain in my mat area, as will you. We will no longer be able to use walls, but I hope with the smaller numbers to use yoga chairs that can be disinfected between use. We end the class with 10-15 minutes relaxation and breathing techniques to give you relief from stress and tension. You will leave the class feeling lighter and calmer…taller ! 😉

Monday evening General class at Cholsey Meadows in the Great Hall

Sarvangasana ( supported shoulder stand ) with feet in Bhadda Konasana

Classes start again on Monday evenings from the beginning of October on Monday 5th October 2020.

Places are limited and booking in advance is essential. You will not be admitted to a class unless you have paid in advance.

6.15pm to 7:30pm

Cost £12. Contact Ady to book a place.

The Great Hall, Cholsey Meadows, Cholsey OX10 9GW (The old Fair Mile Hospital)

Get directions

Yoga equipment is not supplied at Cholsey Meadows (except chairs ).Students must purchase and bring their own yoga equipment.

  • 1 sticky mat
  • 2 bricks
  • 4 blocks
  • 1 belt
  • 1 Iyengar yoga blanket
  • 1 cotton bolster preferable but not essential (not a buckwheat bolster please)

I can advise you on buying the cheapest and best equipment for your class and home practice, please ask.

Online Classes

If you are new to on-line lessons the notes below may be helpful.

You will need enough space to do the poses (floor space and height).

Please have your yoga props nearby if you have them (ideally a yoga mat and some blankets or towels, and a yoga belt or other suitable long belt).

It is important that I can see you fully (for your safety and corrections), and also that that you can see and hear me, so worthwhile trying out and testing your camera and screen set ups before a lesson.

The tool used for the online lesson is called Zoom, and the sessions are referred to as Zoom meetings. Please ensure you are able to use Zoom on your device.

At least 24 hours before the lesson you will have received an email which includes the “Zoom link” to the meeting.

On the day of your lesson I will open the Zoom meeting 10 minutes before the start time, after which you can use the link to join the meeting in the “waiting room” (you will see “waiting for host”). At this stage you can check that your camera, screen and microphone are all working.

I (as the host) will then admit everyone and the lesson can begin. For security I will normally lock the meeting to further students, so it is important that you join in good time.

During the lesson I will normally have your sound on mute, otherwise background noises from multiple sources will interfere with the clarity of my voice. If I need to speak with you I will ask you to “unmute” yourself. You can also do this if you need to speak to me 😉

Zoom classes resume week beginning Monday 12th October.
Mondays class will be 10-11:15am

Friday morning class 9:30-10:45am start on 16th October 2020.
Both classes will be £7:50 payable beforehand online bank transfer
, please remember to reference your name and those with the same bank as me, Nationwide need to text me the last four digits of your account number so I can confirm your payment. You will then be sent the Zoom link e-mail.

Your yoga practice

Due to COVID safety measures, please do not bring anything into the venues other than yourself and your yoga equipment because all surfaces where you put other belongings would have cleaned before other people come in. Venues are shared community spaces.

Wear suitable leggings and a t-shirt you can tuck in. I need to see your knees and ankles, so baggy tracksuits bottoms or joggers are not suitable. Yoga is practiced with bare feet.

See what equipment is provided in the class descriptions above as the venues differ in what they can provide. Please bring your own mat if you have one because this advisable for hygiene reasons.

Please inform me if you have any medical issues or if you are pregnant.

On the day you can let me know if you are menstruating.

Yoga is non violent and non-competitive. Remember: your body is your responsibility, so come out of a pose if you feel you need to.

Do not drink water during a class or your home practice, but do drink plenty before and afterwards.

It is a good idea to practice at home as well and I can provide homework sheets to guide your home practice.